Heyflow 2.0 is now live — Read the changelog

Fast privacy-focused web analytics

Heyflow 2.0 is a lightweight web analytics tool with privacy and simplicity at its core.

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Simple analytics

Easy to understand and it cuts through the noise.

Open analytics

Share the link of your analytics. You can choose to be transparent and make your analytics public.

Lightweight script

We load in 33ms - we have the fastest script in the industry.

Solo or team

Don't do it alone. Invite teammates to join you. Work together to read web analytics, at a glance.

No need for cookie banners

All the site measurement is carried out absolutely anonymously.

Track custom events

Track goal and events. Where are your site visitors coming from and what are they viewing?

Your data

All your data belongs to you, 100%.

UX Friendly

Heyflow is a beautiful dashboard for all your data, privacy included.

Realtime analytics

See a detailed report of your website traffic in real time.

API access

Access to the Heyflow API is included in all our plans.

Data export

Your data belongs to you, export it at any time.

Unlimited events

All our plans come with an unlimited number of events.

Say hello to privacy 

Heyflow is respectful of the privacy of your users, you don't need a banner cookie to inform your users since you don't store their data. Enjoy a nice dashboard to read the data you really need.