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Mouseflow Alternative

Looking for a Mouseflow alternative?

You are not alone. Many users are frustrated with the results of Mouseflow. Fortunately, Heyflow is the best Mouseflow alternative.

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Why Heyflow is better than Mouseflow?

How Heyflow makes it easy to understand your analytics on your website with powerful features like Simple Analytics, GDPR Ready, no need for cookie banner, shareable analytics, including your custom domain name... That's not all
Here are a few reasons why you'll fall in love with Heyflow from now:

Why use Heyflow for web analytics?
Because numbers don't lie.

Unlike other competitors, Heyflow focuses on the best results and user satisfaction in the entire market. How we stand out:


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starts from $9


Per Month
Basic Features
Easy Installation
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Custom Event Tracking
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Easy-to-read Web Analytics
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Export Data
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Unlimited Team Members
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Plans & Pricing
Free Plan
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Plans includes all features
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Dedicated support 24/7
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6 Reasons Why Heyflow is better than Mouseflow

We take privacy seriously and all your data is encrypted at 100%
Most beautiful Dashboard that allows you to understand web analytics
More affordable plans and special discounts for multiple accounts
Fully dedicated support 24/7 by livechat in case you ever need help
A new feature every 14-Days
Share your analytics with your friends with a custom domain name
We have the fastest line of script in the industry (<33ms)

All-in-one Analytics, privacy-focused solution

Our analytics give you just what you need: your top content, top referrers and a few more useful details. Everything you need is on a single screen, so you can use the data to make decisions quickly.

Easy Installation
Installation is quick and simple using one line of script to work on hundreds of platforms.
Team member
There’s no user limits on any plan. Invite all your team and clients at no added cost.
Multi-device support
All our features track and work on Desktop, Mobile and Tablet versions of your website.
GDPR Compliant
Heyflow is 100% GDPR Compliant and do not store any data. You don't need to put a GDPR cookie banner on your website
Quick Support 24/7
Contact our support who will be happy to assist. We're available 24/7. Our team is based on France & our server is based in Europe 🇫🇷
Lighter code
We load in <33ms - we have the fastest script in the industry on web-analytics software.